The website  includes a benefits calculator to check what benefits you might be eligible for

Citizen's Advice  -  Help can be obtained from Citizen's Advice Bureau to fill in forms. enquiry line -  The enquiry line can help with a range of queries about benefits.

EY Inclusion Fund - Settings can apply for funding to support emerging needs in pre-school children.

DLA Helpline - Children with SEND may qualify for DLA (Disability Living Allowance).

Motability Car Scheme - If you qualify for higher level DLA you may be entitled to Motability.  In addition, if you are on a low income, you may be entitled to a one off grant payment.

Transport Families of some children with SEND may qualify for a Blue Badge.  This can currently be applied for online or by phone.  Details of Eligibility can be found along with contact details.

Contact - Contact offer advice, information and support to families of children with SEND.  In addition to providing a helpline, they also offer a "listening ear" service.  Appointments for this service can be booked via the Contact website.

Family Fund - Many families who have a child with SEND could benefit from a grant from Family Fund who provide one-off grants of upto £500 which can be spent on items to support the family.

Carers Allowance - If your child is eligible for DLA, you may be entitiled to Carer's Allowance.

Entitled To - For help about what benefits you may be entitled to

Disability Grants Advice - You will find further advice regarding grants at 

Childcare Choices - If you have a child with SEND, you may be eligible for an increase in Tax Credits and may qualify for help with childcare support.  Find more information at

Reduction in Council Tax - If you have a child who requires an adaptation to the home or an extra bathroom you may be eligible to a reduction in Council Tax.

Utilities - Families who have a child with SEND may be eligible to benefits available from some Utilities companies.  These can include grants to reduce annual bills, replacement boilers or appearing on priority lists for repairs.  You should contact your Utility company to discuss this with them. For more information-  or

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