Poems written by young people of the Children in Care Council


 When the lights go off

And the moon goes up

And your eyes are starting to close

And your mind runs away

To the dreams you dream

That make the world so strange

You see things you won’t believe in

And your worst nightmares start to haunt you

When the world is starting to hurt you

The dreams will heal the day



 I want to be the Flash

An amazing super hero

Who can go back in time

And reset my life to zero

I’d stop myself from getting hurt

Life would be a blast

I’m already super clever

But as Flash I’d be super fast

I could throw a lightening bolt

And be faster than the speed of light

I would be untouchable

And I’d win any fight

Maybe being The Flash

Is a little hard to realize

So I’d love to be an astronomer

Studying stars up in the skies



 I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older

But I know how I want to feel

I want to feel a sense of normality

With relationships that are real

I thought about being an air hostess

Or a beautician doing nails

Something I can earn my own money

To spend in all the sales

I’d like to live out in the sun

Maybe the United States

Somewhere by a golden beach

Just hanging with my mates

I hope wherever I end up

My life is full of smiles

I dream of feeling safe and loved

Without social work files



 Dreams are some of the weirdest things

They change each night

And you forget them by morning

When the moon is out of site

But what about the other dreams

That live inside your head

The ones that keep you going

And get you out of bed

I dream of physiotherapy

Of helping great athletes

Helping people stand

Stand on their two feet