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Keeping Warm in Winter

Keeping Warm in Winter

Heat yourself and not your house this winter!

With energy prices causing many people concerns, we are actively encouraging Bury residents to explore different ways of keeping warm whilst at home, without turning up the thermostat or putting more fuel on the fire. Things you could consider are:

Layering up - wear a warm jumper.

Wear slippers or thermal socks.

Get active to keep your blood flowing.

Make use of heat generated from cooking.

Eat healthy, hearty meals to fuel the body.

Use extra blankets and snuggle up.

Use a hot water bottle for localised heat.

Use hand warmers to keep hands toasty.

Invite friends over for a hot drink.

There will be times when heating your home is a necessity, however trying these tips will go some way in helping you to reduce the frequency and duration of such usage, which in turn will lower your energy costs.

Download 'Heat Yourself, Not Your Home' flyer and share with your friends, family, neighbours and clients

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