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Prestwich Warm Spaces: Holyrood, Sedgley and St Marys

Prestwich Warm Spaces: Holyrood, Sedgley and St Marys

  • Original photograph taken by John Openshaw

Your guide to warm spaces within the Prestwich community

If you are a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation interested in becoming a warm space and need support with how to set up, help with your policies or any training to help you deliver your service, please contact Bury VCFA via

Bury Carers Hub (St Marys)

Address: The Croft, St Hilda's Church. Whittaker Lane, Prestwich


Offer: Carers Clinic based in Prestwich. The team will purchase soft, hot, and cold refreshments.

Opening days and times: Fortnightly, Thursday's 10.30am-12:30pm

Prestwich Library and Adult Learning Centre (St Marys)

Address: Longfield Centre, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, M25 1AY

  •  - Main Library

  •  - Computer Booking

  •  - Adult Learning Courses


Offer: Access to library and computer suite. There are various other activities and workshops available.

Opening days and times: Various times. See website for more details

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