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Adullam - BuryBridges

Photograph taken by Maurice Clegg

Adullam - BuryBridges

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The service is for people who are single homeless (female and male) and are over the age of 18


They will also have at least 2 of the below:

  • A diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health problem
  • Current or past substance misuse problem (Drugs or Alcohol)
  • Current or recent offending history.


Life Coaches deliver Housing related support provided within communal accommodation. The maximum duration of stay is nine months.

 The service provides short term, outcome focused interventions to vulnerable adults. We work with individuals to build resilience and independence and to improve health and wellbeing, ensure stability of accommodation, and support meaningful and economic activity.

Contact Details


Paula Angold or Gary O'Sullivan

Job Title/Position

Operational Manager - Senior Project Worker

Telephone Number

0161 764 7038

Service Information


Bury & Local Area

Target Audiences:


Support Groups:

Mental health conditions, Alcohol/Substance misuse

Links for information

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Last updated 4th September 2020

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