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Clarence Park Bike Library

Photograph taken by John Openshaw

Clarence Park Bike Library

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What is a 'bike library'?

Bike libraries are local hubs that will allow people to borrow a bicycle, like a book, to try out. They aim to boost access to cycling and take advantage of developing infrastructure, offering communities the chance to kick-start their own sustainable ‘bike library’.

Bike libraries are generally based in the heart of a community, within easy reach by foot, in places such as community centres, schools, village halls or local business premises. Our bike libraries support similar schemes that are live in Greater Manchester and help create locally sustainable models where bikes are donated, fixed up and used.

Bike libraries do accept donations of bikes. If you have a bike, you no longer use and would like to donate then please contact your local bike library to discuss arranging this.

How it Works?

Bikes can be loaned out from Clarence Park, please view the below times on the Times & Dates section. If the below times and dates aren't ideal, please email to arrange a more suitable time and they will try and comply.

Bikes are free of charge and all members of the public need to do is bring a form / evidence of their name and address (bank statement. phone bill etc...). Bikes are loaned out in weeklong periods; however, you can return your bike earlier if the Bike Library Hub is open (open times are below in Times & Dates section)

Bike Library Hubs will provide users with a lock, however members of the public most bring their own bike helmet (if they would like to use one).

Contact Details


Friends of Clarence Park


Times & Dates

Date(s) Info

Monday 10:00am - 11:00am & Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Days of the week

Monday and Thursday

Time of Day

Monday 10:00am - 11:00am & Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Session Information

All Year Round

Costs & Bookings

Booking Information

Booking is not required, bikes are free to loan, however you most bring a form of address ID and sign a couple of disclaimer forms


Eligibility Notes

Eligibility Notes

In order to borrow / use a bike users will have to bring proof of their name and address i.e. license, utility bill etc...

Service Information



Target Audiences:

All ages

Support Groups:

Mental health conditions, Health & Wellbeing

Eligibility Requirements?:

Links for information

Last updated 9th October 2023

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