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DD Payroll - Direct Payments Payroll & Managed Accounts

Photograph taken by Tony Rostron

DD Payroll - Direct Payments Payroll & Managed Accounts

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A dynamic Payroll service devoted to making life easier for employers across the United Kingdom. A Social Enterprise that understands the needs of our clients more than any other UK payroll provider; this is because DD Payroll Services is a member of The Disability Syndicate (A User Led organisation) with each member of the Syndicate offering something unique around the issue of Disability.

Whether it be by providing a service to disabled people or supporting professional organisations on the topic of disability.

What makes DD Payroll different from other payroll services is that we are a social enterprise, with all our profits feeding into the Disability Syndicate.

DD Payroll has been specifically created for recipients of Direct Payments and individual budgets; for those employing carers or personal assistants to support independent living and has been providing this service since 2004.

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Anne Fox

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Assistant Manager

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01332 293612

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All ages

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Last updated 8th December 2020

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