GM Clean Air Plan

GM Clean Air Plan

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How we choose to travel affects us all

Vehicle exhausts can produce harmful gases and tiny particles of soot and other matter that pollute the air we all breathe. They also cause health problems and harm our environment.

Greater Manchester has been in breach of its legal limits for one of the most harmful pollutants – nitrogen dioxide – every year since 2011.

Transport for Greater Manchester are investing in and encouraging greater use of public transport and cycling and walking to make sustainable travel the most attractive way to move around Greater Manchester.

They are also working with schools, businesses, local authorities and the NHS across the region to raise awareness of air quality issues and offer practical advice and help on how to take action.

Unless we all play a part, transport emissions will continue to harm us.

What is Clean Air Greater Manchester doing to make a difference?

  • New Metrolink tram lines and services are allowing 42 million passenger journeys a year on our trams. 27 new trams are arriving from 2020 and work is also well under way on a new tram line to the intu Trafford Centre.
  • A multi-million pound investment in cycling infrastructure, training and education over the last decade is set to be boosted by a new £500m plan to deliver an ambitious cycling and walking network covering 1,000 miles.
  • The Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle scheme already offers more than 300 public charging points and is set to be expanded soon, with plans to double the number of charging points.
  • The £122 million Bus Priority Package has improved travel for bus passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, including the hugely successful guided busway
  • TfGM’s 24-hour control centre, which is in constant contact with partners such as Highways England and can update roadside information screens so drivers can make informed choices about alternative routes
  • Work with businesses to provide initiatives, incentives and practical support to encourage sustainable commuting and business travel
  • Work with freight operators to help them reduce their environmental impact
  • Working with local schools, businesses, local authorities and the NHS to raise awareness and offer practical advice and help on how to take action

What can we do to help reduce air pollution?

While Greater Manchester’s air quality is improving, there is much more we can all do to tackle harmful emissions.

If everyone pledges to make simple changes in their everyday life, we can make real progress. See what you could do:

  • Use buses, trams or trains more often. If you already use public transport, why not encourage your friends and family as well?
  • Retime your commute. If you need to drive to and from work, can you change the time you commute to reduce air pollution at peak hours?
  • Park and ride. Greater Manchester has more than 3,500 park and ride spaces for people who’d like to drive to their local Metrolink stop, train station or bus stop
  • Don’t drive under pressure. Correctly inflated tyres can save fuel and reduce pollution, so make sure you check yours regularly
  • Upgrade. When it’s time to upgrade your car, consider an electric or hybrid model, as you pay little or no vehicle excise duty (road tax) on these. They’re cheaper to run, maintenance costs are much lower, they’re quieter and they don’t emit air pollution or carbon dioxide.

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GM Clean Air Plan

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Last updated 14 January 2021

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