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SureSafe Personal Alarms for the Elderly

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SureSafe Personal Alarms for the Elderly

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Personal alarms help older people in Bury live independent in their own homes, safer and for longer. Feel confident in the knowledge that you, or your loved one, can get the help you need at the touch of a button with a SureSafe alarm.

SureSafe is one of the UK's leading providers of personal alarms for the elderly and disabled.

SureSafe offers a range of alarms to meet all needs and budgets, as well as free professional advice on choosing the right product for your circumstances from our team of friendly independent living specialists.

SureSafe has a range of options that includes:

  • alarms that connect to our industry leading 24/7 response centre
  • alarms that call family and friends directly
  • automatic fall detection
  • mobile alarms - for use anywhere e.g. at home, in the garden, at the shops, on a walk
  • the ability to talk through the pendant, no longer needing to be near the base unit
  • water resistant for use in the shower
  • GPS location tracking - a 'find me' function to locate the user in an emergency

SureSafe's range of alarms calling family and friends starts at as little as £89.95, with no ongoing fees.

SureSafe's range of 24/7 monitored alarms start at as little as 37p per day.

SureSafe has thousands of satisfied customers all over the UK, with many very satisfied customers in the Bury area.

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Angela Jones

Job Title/Position

Independent Living Specialist

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Costs & Bookings


24/7 monitoring from as little as 37p per day!

Service Information


National, North West

Target Audiences:

Older people (over 65), Adult carers

Support Groups:

Physical impairment, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Mental health conditions, Dementia, Health & Wellbeing, Complex Needs

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Last updated 28th April 2023

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