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Activities & Things to Do

Welcome to the Activities & Things To Do area of The Bury Directory’s Leisure & Recreation section.

This area of the Directory is designed to help Bury residents who are searching for new hobbies and pastimes or seeking local opportunities to socialise or learn a new skill. The links on this page include opportunities that are relevant to individuals of all ages and abilities.

The available activities fall into the following categories:



If you can’t find what you are looking for in any of the sections mentioned above, you can also check our Other Activities Information page for other options.

Please note: some of the regular activities listed in the above sections may have been postponed or changed due to COVID-19. The information via each individual link is maintained and updated independently.

We also have a Leisure & Day Activities section in our Adult Care & Disability Services section for adult Bury residents with additional needs.

You can also get in touch with The Bury Directory using a quick and easy contact form.