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Welcome to the Before and After School Club section of the Bury Directory.

Out of school clubs run before and after school hours providing a safe place for your child while you're at work. This type of care may be offered by the school itself or run by private companies or volunteers.

Depending on the hours you work, you can opt for a combination of before school care, also known sometimes as ‘breakfast clubs’ which are normally open from 8am, or after school clubs, also known sometimes as ‘Homework Clubs’ which typically open 3.30 – 6pm.

Many Childminders offer before and after school care too so it's worthwhile checking out our Childminder section as well as this one.

The Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit is available for certain types of registered out of school childcare. You can check what you’re entitled to and make a claim by calling the tax credit helpline on 0345 300 3900.

For Information on help with Childcare costs for all families, please see the Childcare Choices website

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