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AJ's Academy Adult Disability Day Centre

Photograph taken by Maurice Clegg

AJ's Academy Adult Disability Day Centre

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About Us

Our day centre’s services are tailored to meet individuals needs and focus on making all activities enjoyable and fun. The team at A.J’s are trained to exceptionally high standards and receive support to help them maintain the excellent care we provide.

We provide a professional and friendly service through great support and a personal approach, making a positive impact on the lives of the individuals we support.

Our Services and Activities

AJ’s Academy is an exceptionally different and independent day centre service provider for Adults with learning difficulties/disabilities.

Ensuring a professional, fully trained and competent service is provided by the AJ’s Team and always providing our members and service users with an excellent array of activities and opportunities, that are stimulating, challenging, and exciting; but most of all Fun!

We are specialist in the Performing arts, with many shows and productions that have taken place and will be taking place again in the future. Of course taking consideration of social distancing and other new safety guidelines.

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Last updated 21st June 2022

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