Attachment & Bonding

Attachment & Bonding

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Attachment and bonding

Bonding is the name given to the relationship a parent has with their child. It is the feeling of love and warmth parents describe when they talk about the way they feel about their baby. This may be felt before birth, straight after birth or develop as you get to know your baby.

Attachment is a description of a child’s relationship with their parent. Secure attachment promotes development, wellbeing and resilience.

You begin to bond with your baby by responding sensitively to your baby’s signals/cues. During the first few months you will be getting to know your baby and learning to understand his/her cues. Letting your baby know that you are trying to understand how they may be feeling will enable your baby to begin to regulate their own emotions/feelings. In addition, developing a good relationship with your baby will help his/her brain to develop.

Babies need to be close to their parent in order to feel safe and secure. When a baby’s needs for love and comfort are met, they will be calmer and grow up to be more confident. You cannot spoil your baby.

You can make a difference from day one:

  • Hold your baby close and make eye contact with your baby.
  • Talk or sing and smile to your baby giving him/her chance to respond.
  • Enjoy skin to skin contact, cuddle, touch and stroke your baby.    
  • Keep your baby close to you so that you can learn to recognise and respond to their signals.

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