BEATS (Bury's Exercise and Therapy Scheme)

BEATS (Bury's Exercise and Therapy Scheme)

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BEATS is an exercise referral scheme for people with a recurring illness or medical condition who would benefit from a personal exercise programme.

It is a 12 month programme with a close supervision period for the first 12 weeks. Patients referred to BEATS get advice & support on how to improve general health and well being through physical activity. This can take place at home, outdoors or at a local leisure facility.

BEATS is a free service which is able to offer discounted rates at Leisure facilities across Bury. Monday to Friday, Office Hours 9am-5pm.Evening appointments are available at Castle Leisure Centre on Mondays & Tuesday's and early morning appointments during the week also.

Long- term Conditions

Exercise is medicine and if done safely with a person-centred approach can increase independence, reduce medication, and significantly enhance overall wellbeing. If you have a long-term condition, please contact the Live Well Service and the team will be there to provide one to one support.

Examples of how exercise can help

  • Diabetes is a condition where the body struggles to control the level of sugars in the blood stream. Regular exercise will reduce the blood sugar levels by utilising the sugars for energy with the movement, plus make the muscles more sensitive to insulin which is the hormone responsible for controlling the sugars.
  • Arthritis is caused when the cartilage around the joint is reduced and this reduction causes space within the joint. The body will try to remedy this by growing more bone, however if the ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the joint are not strong enough, it will mean intense pain as bone will meet bone. By following a correct exercise regime, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the joint can become very strong and reduce the movement. Therefore, reducing the pain and improving range of movement.

Our expertise

The team are fully trained to help to support with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, mental health, neurological disease such as Parkinsons, obesity, diabetes, mental health, Stroke and Fall Prevention.

Would you like some help with your long-term condition?

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Shelley Caulfield

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Castle Leisure Centre, Bolton Street, Bury BL9 0EZ

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0161 253 6668

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16-25 years

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Referral Notes

GP, Practice Nurse and other specialist referrers

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Bury & Local Area

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Adults, Older people (over 65)

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Physical impairment

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<p target="_blank">GP, Practice Nurse and other specialist referrers</p>

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Last updated 14 July 2021

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