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Bury Adult Learning Service - Family Learning

Photograph taken by John Openshaw

Bury Adult Learning Service - Family Learning

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Family Learning works in schools, children's centres and various community settings across the Borough to deliver courses that support parents and carers to help their children reach their full potential, both at home and school, to build parents' own confidence and skills and to generally foster more positive relationships and stronger community links wherever we can have an impact.

In addition to supporting the children, there is an emphasis on empowering parents to enable them to be effective educators at home as a springboard from which to become sufficiently confident and skilled to explore opportunities that could lead them into further avenues of work or study themselves.

Classes can involve the children working alongside their parents with the class teacher and the support of the Family Learning tutor (with a focus on a specific school year group), or are parent only, where parents work together with the adult tutor to improve their own skills and knowledge.

The courses aim to help:

  • Build confidence skills and knowledge
  • Support children’s learning
  • Build positive relationships with school
  • Have fun and make friends

Some of the activities include:

  • What’s cooking
  • Family first aid
  • Keeping up with the kids
  • Family English and maths
  • Storysacks

If you are a headteacher, a children's centre manager or a community worker interested in setting up a Family Learning courses for your parents or service-users, or to find out more about what we offer, please contact Pete Cookson at, or phone 0161 253 5079.

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Pete Cookson

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Curriculum Quality Leader - Family Learning

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0161 253 5079

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