Bury Industry Skills Intelligence survey

Bury Industry Skills Intelligence survey

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Bury Council, in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, are exploring the current, medium and long-term employer skills and talent needs across our borough.

We're asking all organisations, across the private, public and 3rd sector, to get involved. Your input, initially via the online survey below, will contribute to the local and regional collaborative response. Additionally, you will also be contributing to the development of a local employment and skills strategy that aims to support our business community in the years ahead.

Survey information will be published at a later date and there are anticipated to be further opportunities to get involved (if you wish to) within any future rollout of work which addresses priority skills needs (as appropriate to your sector).

Your input will be anonymised and stored in accordance with strict General Data Protection Regulatory protocol, so please be as open as you feel comfortable to help us to understand the real skills needs within our economy.

Note: The survey will take around 5 minutes to complete.

We hope you are able to get involved...

Link to the Bury Means Business website and the online survey.

If you have any related questions, please email investin@bury.gov.uk. Thank you in advance for your input and support.

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