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Direct Payments Payroll Provider

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Direct Payments Payroll Provider

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We provide reliable and unique low cost payroll services to all employers receiving Direct Payments or ILF funding throughout the UK. The services on offer are as follows:

  • Standard Service 

This is where we produce the payroll and provide the client with all of the payroll documentation and the client will arrange for the employees and HMRC to be paid.  

Cost of service £21.00 per month inclusive of VAT

  • Complete Payment Service 

Under the Complete Payment Option, we would pay the employee(s) by BACS and pay HMRC all tax and NI on your behalf, subject to receiving funds by Direct Debit or a manual bank transfer.  

Cost of service £25.00 per month inclusive of VAT

Neither of our services have any set up fees or hidden costs and includes the following within the one single monthly price: 

  • Provide each client with a dedicated Payroll Manager
  • Registering the client as an employer with HMRC
  • Registering our company as the agent with HMRC
  • return of reports and pay slips by post, an email option is available
  • full PAYE records
  • all stationery for reports, pay slips, forms, journal entries etc.
  • input of all new and amended employee data, after initial set up
  • P45 for all leavers
  • Dealing with HMRC, including forms P45 and/or P46
  • RTI submissions are filed electronically in accordance to HMRC regulations.
  • P60 forms issued for employees at the end of each tax year.
  • The implantation of tax code notifications, student loan plans and National Insurance contribution rates are included as part of the service.
  • Pension Reports.
  • Unlimited number of employees

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Eligibility Notes

People in receipt of Direct Payments and require a payroll for their carer.

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All ages

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Last updated 20th July 2021

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