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Helping Yourself to Wellbeing Course

Photograph taken by Liam Hayat

Helping Yourself to Wellbeing Course

15 Reviews

What is a Helping Yourself to Wellbeing Course?

Helping Yourself to Wellbeing (HY2W) is a 5 week course to help individuals to self-care and improve their health and wellbeing. The course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve their confidence and motivation to set realistic goals for making changes to their lifestyle.

The course runs for two hours per week for 5 weeks. To gain the most benefit from the course, attendance at all sessions is highly recommended. The course does not operate on a drop in basis.

This is a friendly, informal and informative course and previous participants have given positive feedback and stated that the course ‘has changed their lives’.

Course content:

  • Week 1       Introductory session and discussion around health
  • Week 2       Behaviour Change – Why it isn’t easy
  • Week 3       Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Week 4       Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Week 5       Lifestyle Choices – Healthy Eating, Alcohol and Smoking

Please see the downloadable case study and the ‘More Information’ PDF documents for an in-depth view as to how the course can improve your life. You could also take the ‘How Are You’ quiz here to start to make positive steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Details


Helping Yourself to Wellbeing

Telephone Number

0161 253 5772


Times & Dates

Date(s) Info

Various dates and times throughout the year

Time of Day

Evening, Afternoon, Morning


Referral Notes

  • Self referral or via partner agency
  • Must be registered with a Bury GP

How to book

Upcoming course- Information to follow

To book onto this course, please email 

If you live outside of the Bury borough and would like to attend a HY2W course, please contact for further information. 

Eligibility Notes

The course is available to anyone over the age of 16 living, working or studying in Bury or who is registered with a Bury GP.


Joanne Hill

01 December 2020

Great course


07 December 2020

I recently attended the HYTW course and found it very interesting and informative. The course tutor, Jim, was amazing. He made everyone feel at ease with his warm and friendly approach.

Jim Mcglynn

10 December 2020

What a great course Helping Yourself To Wellbeing is, it has been a benefit to both my professional and personal life. Each session is informative, easy to digest and fun! More people need to sign up to this course as it really will help you to think differently to create better chances for yourself in the future and it you'll be able to make practical changes straight away to help yourself and others around you. Hannah

Marina Jones

10 December 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the HYWB course which was facilitated by Jim who had a teaching style which enabled all members of the group to participate and also complete the trainers section with confidence. I am looking forward to sharing this information with other members of the community as the content supports health and well being. Participants were warm and welcoming in an informal learning environment which I would highly recommend. The resources provided were in more than helpful in terms of being a participant and also for future facilitation. Thank you

Service Information


Bury & Local Area

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