Safe Sleep for Babies Information

Safe Sleep for Babies Information

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Safe Sleep advice from Bury Health Visiting Service:

In the first few months, your newborn may sleep for around 16 hours a day, in between feeds and cuddles. To keep your baby safe and to reduce the risk of sudden infant death (sometimes called cot death) always make sure:

  • You put your baby down on their back to sleep, never on the front or side.
  • The cot is beside the parents’ bed for at least the first six months.
  • The mattress is firm and flat – soft beds, bean bags and sagging mattresses are not suitable.
  • Your baby is not overdressed or covered with too much bedding (no more than you would use yourself).
  • The bedding must not be able to cover the baby’s head.
  • The room is not too hot (16-20ºC is ideal).
  • The room where your baby sleeps is a smoke-free zone.

For further advice on safe sleeping for babies please see the other details and downloads sections on this page

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