Society of British Dental Nurses

Society of British Dental Nurses

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The Society’ is an organization that has been established specifically with dental nurses in mind. They recognize that dental nurses, whether students or registrants, work across a variety of fields and within a number of dental settings. ‘The Society’ is a not-for-profit organization.

‘The Society’ acknowledges the challenges that many dental nurses face in their day-to- day work and wants to encourage them to come together as a collective group and to share a voice. Through learning, application, experience and reflection, we believe that the dental nurses of today will be instrumental in driving the profession forwards.

Whilst they appreciate that Continual Professional Development (CPD) is key to all of our members, providing CPD is not our sole purpose. Whilst we will provide some free CPD on this website, we will also provide links to third parties who offer what we consider to be high quality CPD.

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Society of Dental British Nurses

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Alison Tabois

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Oral Health Improvement Practitioner

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Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Oral Health Promotion, 1st floor, Brook House, Oldham Road, M24 1AY

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Last updated 17 May 2022

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