Toothbrushing Habits Linked To Spread Of Covid-19 In Families

Toothbrushing Habits Linked To Spread Of Covid-19 In Families

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Sharing toothbrushes and other ill-advised oral hygiene measures could play an influential role in spreading COVID-19, according to new research. The investigation monitored hundreds of families over the course of 15 days and found over half (55%) of COVID-positive people who share a toothbrush passed the virus onto other family members in the household. For more information visit toothbrushing-habits-linked-with-spread-of-covid-19-infections

Brief statement from Emma Hall Scullin Consultant in Dental Public Health, Greater Manchester. This research relates to sharing a toothbrush, toothpaste, the same container for the brush and not changing the brush after the viral process, all are possible routes of cross-contamination of coronavirus. 

The way Supervised Tooth Brushing programmes is currently delivered in EYS and the new changes to this STB programme i.e. no sharing of toothbrushes, staff member applies the toothpaste to a disposable napkin/tissue/plate etc, rinsing of toothbrushes after each use and with staff member placing toothbrushes in the storage racks so the toothbrushes do not touch, plus disposing of toothbrushes after a suspected or confirmed outbreak ADD assurance to the infection prevention measures in place.

The research should not be misconstrued as a critique of the STB programme and supports that which has been put in place regarding Infection Prevention Control measures of the supervised toothbrushing.

The above research findings may be of assistance with supporting families with home toothbrushing regime and the benefits of removing toothbrushes out of the bathroom environment and using individual toothbrushes and toothpastes in own toiletry or washbags, should families wish to do so.

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