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Ageing Well & Lifestyle in Bury

Welcome to the Ageing Well & Lifestyle in Bury section of the Bury Directory, where you can find all the information you may need to age well. Ageing is a natural human condition, and it doesn’t mean we can't live full and healthy lives in the process. Navigate this section to have a look at the information available for older people and elderly in Bury and Greater Manchester, including advice on residential care homes, assisted living centres, and Social Activities for 50's and over in Bury and Social Activities for 65’s and over in Bury

In the Health & Wellbeing Information in Bury section, you will find useful information on various health related topics, e.g. medical conditions and mental health & emotional wellbeing.

See our Adult Care & Disability Services in Bury section to find more information on residential care homes in Bury, independent or supported living services, or advice on personal budgets or housing related issues.

If you are a carer of an older person and would like some more information on the services and organisations available to support you in your caregiving role, please visit our  Bury Carers Information  channel

If you are unable to find the information or services you are looking for, all you need to do is to get in touch with The Bury Directory, either by using our easy online contact form or by calling us on 0161 253 5300 and leaving a voicemail. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.