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Information on help with childcare costs

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Information on help with childcare costs

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Need help with Childcare Costs?

Not sure which help you could receive?

There are so many different types of help with childcare it's not easy to decide which is the best option for you.

With this in mind the government have developed a new website, Childcare Choices which will help you - simply click here and you will be able to input your details.   This will show various childcare choices available to you.

To find out which of the options is the best for you and your family you would need to compelete the childcare calculator - this shows you how much savings could potentially be made with each option.

Before completing the childcare calculator you would need details of:

  • Your annual income
  • Your partner's (if you have one) annual income
  • Childcare costs (the current amount you are paying for childcare)
  • Pension contribution (the amount of pension you pay on a monthly basis)
  • Details of any benefits received (not including family allowance)

to complete the childcare calculator click here


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Last updated 6th January 2023

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