Oral Health: a toolkit for prevention (Public health England)

Oral Health: a toolkit for prevention (Public health England)

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This information is provided by Oral Health Improvement Bury | The Bury Directory Delivering better oral health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention - GOV.UK

The risk factors for many general health conditions are common to those that affect oral health, namely smoking, alcohol misuse and a poor diet. It is therefore important that all clinical teams make every contact count and support patients to make healthier choices. By doing this not only will patients’ oral health benefit but their general health will be at lower risk as well. Clinical dental teams therefore have an important role in advising their patients about how they can make choices that improve and maintain both their dental and general health.

Public Health England is pleased to provide this third edition of the prevention toolkit for clinical teams. Current evidence has been reviewed and used to revise and develop the previous edition. Please visit 


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