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Welcome to the Additional Support & Careers Advice In Bury area of The Bury Directory’s Adult Learning, Volunteering & Employment In Bury section.

The links and information on this page are designed to support, advise and educate adult Bury residents who are seeking to build on their experience, gain qualifications and find the right employment for their strengths and ambitions.

In this section, you’ll find information about voluntary opportunities, training providers, employment advice services and support for individuals with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, or mental health conditions who are seeking professional development.

From part-time and full-time courses to financial assistance like Jobseeker’s Allowance, browse this page to discover the opportunities available in Bury - whether you are looking for work for the first time, currently unemployed following redundancy or hoping to retrain in a new field.

Some of the resources we display are provided by both local initiatives and organisations, while others are available nationally.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, pay a visit to the main Adult Learning, Volunteering & Employment In Bury page or contact The Bury Directory using our easy online contact form. We’ll do our best to provide all of the information and advice you are seeking.

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