Adult Care & Disability Services in Bury

Welcome to the Adult Care & Disability Services in Bury section of The Bury Directory, where you’ll find all of the information you need about advice and support services for adults with disabilities in Bury.

Here, you’ll find sections for Sensory Impairment Services in Bury, Physical Disability Services in Bury, and Learning Disability Services in Bury.

There is further information regarding Financial Aid for the Disabled in Bury, In-Home Support & Domiciliary Care In Bury, and Independent Living in Bury services, which enables you to get services in your own home and keep your independence.

In the Residential Care and Nursing Homes in Bury section you will find information about housing and care homes for adults with disabilities.

You can even find information activities in Bury for adults with disabilities in the Leisure & Day Activities in Bury section, and advice on transport in the Mobility & Transport For the Elderly & Disabled In Bury section.

If you are a looking after a person with a disability, please see our Bury Carer Information channel where you can find information and support for carers in Bury.

The Rapid Response service offers a crisis response for any person in Bury requiring urgent social care, therapy, or a medical review, with the focus of preventing avoidable admission to actute hospital and residential care, helping people to remain and recover in their own home.

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