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Access a range of support, guidance, advice and solutions available in the Bury area for people living with a Physical Disability.

The Physical Disability Services in Bury category in The Bury Directory’s Adult Social Care section has a wealth of information accomodating individual needs...

For organisations serving individuals with sensory issues, please follow this link.

For leisure and day activities tailored to disabled individuals, see information listed here.

National and local professional and voluntary resources listed on this page include:

With the help of these useful tools, individuals with physical disabilities can enjoy access to numerous services that will enable them to easily achieve a straightforward and fuss-free lifestyle.

We work to keep all information on this page relevant and up to date.

If you are unable to find a particular service or piece of information, simply take a look at our Adult Care Information & Advice In Bury page or use our handy online contact form to get in touch with The Bury Directory directly. We’ll be happy to provide assistance.

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