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Mobility & Transport For The Elderly & Disabled In Bury

Find services and useful resources to support people who have additional requirements when it comes to getting around or undertaking daily tasks. 

In the Mobility & Transport For the Elderly & Disabled in Bury area of The Bury Directory’s Adult Social Care section you’ll find details of handy services and professional organisations in the Bury area that have been established to ensure significant independence and a straightforward living situation for individuals with a range of physical, mental and sensory conditions.

See the displayed links to find out more about local and national mobility provisions, including:

Whatever your requirements, solutions are available to achieve fuss-free day to day living, socialising and travel.

You can also find mobility advice and guidance for disabled individuals, family members, teachers, carers and employers via the websites listed.

If you aren’t able to find everything you need, you can either visit our Information & Advice page or get in touch with The Bury Directory today using our online contact form. We’ll do our best to direct you to the information you’re looking for.

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