Welcome to the Dementia & Mental Health subcategory of the Residential Care & Nursing Homes in Bury page in The Bury Directory’s Adult Care & Disability Services in Bury section.

Here, we provide links and access to a range of establishments and organisations that manage or support the care of individuals with:

  •  Mental health conditions
  • Developmental disorders

  • Learning difficulties

  • Behavioural issues

  • Age-related mental conditions

From day centres and home care options to full or part-time residential care, there are a number of resources available across the Bury area that regularly support and assist individuals with disabilities, their families and their loved ones.

For details of suitable leisure and day activities, please see here.

This page also contains information about local and national support services and helplines that have been set up to provide advice and guidance to anyone whose lives are affected by mental health issues or dementia.

We work hard to keep this section updated and packed with relevant information.

If there is any specific information that you are unable to find within this area, please visit our Adult Care Information & Advice In Bury page or use our handy online contact form to get in touch with The Bury Directory and ask any questions you may have.

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