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Welcome to the Food Banks subcategory of the Financial Support In Bury page in The Bury Directory’s Home, Housing & Money Support In Bury section.

Here, you can find access to free or subsidised meals and ingredients supplied by voluntary organisations and specialist companies in and around the Bury area. 

If you require additional support or assistance with your day to day expenses and food bills due to the coronavirus crisis, take a look here to see what help is available.

With resources ranging from free breakfasts and other meals for kids to food parcel deliveries and support services for vulnerable people, you’ll find plenty of wonderful opportunities for help, advice and aid - whether you’re looking on your own behalf or that of a loved one.

 For information about wider financial assistance and advice, take a look at our main Financial Support In Bury page. Alternatively, for sheltered housing and supported living, you’ll find all the information you require right here.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, you could pay a visit to The Bury Directory’s Housing Information, Support & Advice In Bury page. You can also contact the Directory using a straightforward online form. We’ll respond as soon as possible with information and advice.

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