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Physical Activity - Winter Well

Physical Activity - Winter Well

It can be easy to let your fitness levels slip during the winter months. The cold weather and shorter days can make it harder to motivate yourself to get out and about, but it’s important to try and stay active during this time.

We could all benefit from a little support at times to help us make positive changes to different aspects of our lives. Thankfully, as a Bury resident there are plenty of services available to you, each one providing something a little different, helping our communities to increase their physically activity levels. Browse the offers below and see if you can find something that could help you or a friend or family member stay well this winter.

Let's Keep Active & Stay Well this Winter For more information, FREE exercise videos, tools and more

Falls Prevention, older people, learning difficulties, complex needs, dementia, housebound, low mobility, Social alarm system, smoke detectors and fall & movement detectors as part of telecare package.

Care link (commissioned by Bury Council)

For anyone of any age who would like to feel safer, more protected and independent in their own home, 24 hours a day.

Falls Prevention, older people, learning difficulties, complex needs, dementia, housebound, low mobility, physical impairment

Taking care fall detectors

Provides fall alarm pendant. Fall and movement alarm /detector response team to check on customer

Housebound, falls, Older people. Frail, over 65, COPD, Asthma, Cancer, cognitive impairment, low mobility diabetes, cardiovascular. Support with conditions and pain management

Live Well Service (BEATS)

Robust online offer – a huge library of sessions that be done at home or a bespoke handwritten/posted programme, supported over the phone, if no digital access

Mental Health, Socially Isolated, low income (donations only what you can afford)

One Step Bury

Varying exercise sessions, followed by mindfulness / relaxation, then group support and refreshments

Older, isolated, low mobility, mental health, chronic long term conditions, low income as all free, falls

Walk with me (walking groups)

Various walking groups all over Bury, operating on different days. 

8 years plus and/or long term conditions ie: Older, isolated, low mobility, Chronic medical conditions, falls prevention, Cardiac/ pulmonary rehab

Live well service (exercise referral)

  • Start well – 8 – 16

  • Live well – 16 – 65

  • Age well – 65 plus (falls prevention) 

Face to face/Digital/group based

Wellbeing timetable – Strength & Balance, OTAGO, Functional Fitness, Chair based exercise; supported gym sessions; 121 support

Strength & Balance sessions in community - followed by refreshments & group social time

BSV Fitness

Available to older people, those who are isolated, have low mobility, chronic medical conditions or falls.

Variety of physical activity offers for all ages

Bury Leisure Services

Leisure centres located around Bury with facilities including swimming pools, diving pit, changing facilities wet and dry-side as well as family and disabled changing rooms, aerobic studios, sports hall, squash courts, badminton courts, table tennis, trampolining, gym, toning suite and more.

Various activities ran within the centre for those aged 50+

Jubilee Centre

Activities include yoga, pilates, dance and more.

information & support on healthy lifestyle choices for people aged 65+

British Heart Foundation

Provides information & support about all types of heart disease and also preventative information on giving up smoking and making healthy life style choices in terms of nutrition, exercise etc.

Expert helpline re diagnosis treatment. managing symptoms, medical side effects

Asthma + Lung UK

For Asthma sufferers, older people, over 65, adult carers, Respiratory conditions, COPD, low mobility

an exercise/educational programme that aids recovery and long-term management of a chronic heart condition.

Community Cardiac team

Support for people who have had heart failure or cardiac arrest. Cardiac/pulmonary rehab

a variety of Activities for people to attend either face to face or digitally enables participants to meet other people of their age range

Activities for over 65s

65+, socially isolated, chair-based activities (housebound/low mobility)

Offers support and activities for young carers in Bury

Bury Young Carers

Available to young carers in Bury aged 7 to 18 years.

Different levels of gardening, from some light wedding, to digging and assembling equipment

Eden Gardens / Hollins Conservation Group, Hillock Conservation Group

Available to those who are either older, isolated, low mobility, mental health, or have chronic long-term conditions.

Walking and running groups set to all levels, from couch to 5K, beginners, and upwards

Prestwich Plodders, Ramsbottom Running Club

Older people, low incomes, chronic health conditions, socially isolated

offer an exercise/educational programme that aids recovery and long-term management of a chronic heart condition.

Pennine Acute Hospitals

For patients who have had heart attacks, cardiac surgery, angiography or stents and those with heart failure.

Brew and Bike sessions

Creative Living Centre

For people on low incomes, who suffer with mental health, isolated, have chronic conditions, or are an older person.

Litter picking sessions across Bury

Keep Bury Clean, Prestwich & Radcliffe Litter Pickers

For people on low incomes, who may be socially isolated, older, or suffer from chronic conditions and/or mental health.

offer a wide range of outdoor activities From guided hikes and runs, to self-led interactive trails, to out door nature play- we have something for everyone

Sunnywood Project

Different sessions activities for all ages including children uder 5, those on low income, families, and those who are isolated. Activities include outdoor nature walks.

Group session, covering various health promotion topics

Helping Yourself to wellbeing

Available to anyone aged 16 years +

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