Welcome to the Dentists & Oral Health area of The Bury Directory’s Health & Wellbeing Information in Bury section. Here, you’ll find links to top dentistry services across the Bury area and nationwide, including specialist care options such as orthodontistry, gerontology and pediatric dentistry.

You’ll also discover resources providing guidance on proper oral healthcare and details on the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of oral health conditions, including cleft lip or palate and oral cancers.

So - whatever your query, or whatever information you are seeking about a particular condition or service, you’re highly likely to find what you are looking for right here.

Browse this page for links to NHS or private dentistry options, cosmetic dentistry resources and advice on matters such as gum disease, fillings, crowns and dentures as well as information regarding access to dental care for those in Bury who may find it difficult to visit the dentist.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, simply visit the Health: Information, Advice & Support page that can be found under The Bury Directory's main Health & Wellbeing Information in Bury category

You can also contact The Bury Directory about our resources directly, by simply filling in our online form.

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