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Employment & Careers Advice In Bury

Welcome to the Employment & Careers Advice In Bury area of The Bury Directory’s Adult Learning, Volunteering & Employment In Bury section.

You can browse the links and resources on this page to learn more about employment and professional development opportunities for Bury residents of all ages - as well as supplementary support, advice and education to help individuals improve their employability.

Whether you’re looking for your first full-time job after leaving education, you’re planning on changing career paths after several years or you’re seeking work following a period of unemployment, you’ll find plenty of details in this section to help you.

This page is a great source of information for job seekers as well as individuals seeking opportunities and training on the behalf of a family member or loved one.

There are also discounted travel options, mental health support services, guidance for those planning to go self-employed, arbitration services, unions and plenty more besides.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, try taking a look at the main  Adult Learning, Volunteering & Employment In Bury page. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the Bury Directory using a quick contact form

We’ll do everything we can to track down the details you need.