Welcome to the Sensory & Communication area of The Bury Directory’s Health & Wellbeing Information in Bury section.

On this page, you can explore everything to do with matters affecting sight, hearing and speech - whether you’re seeking support for yourself or undertaking research on behalf of a loved one.

If you are looking for services or information relating to deafness or being hard of hearing, Visual Impairment or being partially sighted, deafblindness, tinnitus, aphasia or any other sensory-related condition, simply browse the links on this page for further details.

There is a wide range of resources available both in Bury and nationwide, including:

You can also use this page to access optician and audiologist services in the Bury area as well as specialists in sensory issues concerning mental health.

If you can’t find the exact information you need on this page, take a look at The Bury Directory’s Health: Information, Advice & Support page that can be found under our main Health & Wellbeing Information in Bury  category.

You can also contact The Bury Directory using our online contact form to request further information, advice and support.

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